SSH Store

Store URL format: ssh://[username@]hostname

This store type allows limited access to a remote store on another machine via SSH.


  • base64-ssh-public-host-key

    The public host key of the remote machine.

    Default: empty

  • compress

    Whether to enable SSH compression.

    Default: false

  • max-connections

    Maximum number of concurrent SSH connections.

    Default: 1

  • path-info-cache-size

    Size of the in-memory store path metadata cache.

    Default: 65536

  • priority

    Priority of this store when used as a substituter. A lower value means a higher priority.

    Default: 0

  • remote-program

    Path to the nix-store executable on the remote machine.

    Default: nix-store

  • remote-store

    Store URL to be used on the remote machine. The default is auto (i.e. use the Nix daemon or /nix/store directly).

    Default: empty

  • ssh-key

    Path to the SSH private key used to authenticate to the remote machine.

    Default: empty

  • store

    Logical location of the Nix store, usually /nix/store. Note that you can only copy store paths between stores if they have the same store setting.

    Default: /nix/store

  • system-features

    Optional system features available on the system this store uses to build derivations.

    Example: "kvm"

    Default: machine-specific

  • trusted

    Whether paths from this store can be used as substitutes even if they are not signed by a key listed in the trusted-public-keys setting.

    Default: false

  • want-mass-query

    Whether this store can be queried efficiently for path validity when used as a substituter.

    Default: false