Experimental SSH Store with filesystem mounted


This store is part of an experimental feature.

To use this store, make sure the mounted-ssh-store experimental feature is enabled. For example, include the following in nix.conf:

extra-experimental-features = mounted-ssh-store

Store URL format: mounted-ssh-ng://[username@]hostname

Experimental store type that allows full access to a Nix store on a remote machine, and additionally requires that store be mounted in the local file system.

The mounting of that store is not managed by Nix, and must by managed manually. It could be accomplished with SSHFS or NFS, for example.

The local file system is used to optimize certain operations. For example, rather than serializing Nix archives and sending over the Nix channel, we can directly access the file system data via the mount-point.

The local file system is also used to make certain operations possible that wouldn't otherwise be. For example, persistent GC roots can be created if they reside on the same file system as the remote store: the remote side will create the symlinks necessary to avoid race conditions.


  • base64-ssh-public-host-key

    The public host key of the remote machine.

    Default: empty

  • compress

    Whether to enable SSH compression.

    Default: false

  • log

    directory where Nix will store log files.

    Default: /nix/var/log/nix

  • max-connection-age

    Maximum age of a connection before it is closed.

    Default: 4294967295

  • max-connections

    Maximum number of concurrent connections to the Nix daemon.

    Default: 1

  • path-info-cache-size

    Size of the in-memory store path metadata cache.

    Default: 65536

  • priority

    Priority of this store when used as a substituter. A lower value means a higher priority.

    Default: 0

  • real

    Physical path of the Nix store.

    Default: /nix/store

  • remote-program

    Path to the nix-daemon executable on the remote machine.

    Default: nix-daemon

  • remote-store

    Store URL to be used on the remote machine. The default is auto (i.e. use the Nix daemon or /nix/store directly).

    Default: empty

  • root

    Directory prefixed to all other paths.

    Default: ``

  • ssh-key

    Path to the SSH private key used to authenticate to the remote machine.

    Default: empty

  • state

    Directory where Nix will store state.

    Default: /dummy

  • store

    Logical location of the Nix store, usually /nix/store. Note that you can only copy store paths between stores if they have the same store setting.

    Default: /nix/store

  • system-features

    Optional system features available on the system this store uses to build derivations.

    Example: "kvm"

    Default: machine-specific

  • trusted

    Whether paths from this store can be used as substitutes even if they are not signed by a key listed in the trusted-public-keys setting.

    Default: false

  • want-mass-query

    Whether this store can be queried efficiently for path validity when used as a substituter.

    Default: false