Release 2.7 (2022-03-07)

  • Nix will now make some helpful suggestions when you mistype something on the command line. For instance, if you type nix build nixpkgs#thunderbrd, it will suggest thunderbird.

  • A number of "default" flake output attributes have been renamed. These are:

    • defaultPackage.<system>packages.<system>.default
    • defaultApps.<system>apps.<system>.default
    • defaultTemplatetemplates.default
    • defaultBundler.<system>bundlers.<system>.default
    • overlayoverlays.default
    • devShell.<system>devShells.<system>.default

    The old flake output attributes still work, but nix flake check will warn about them.

  • Breaking API change: nix bundle now supports bundlers of the form bundler.<system>.<name>= derivation: another-derivation;. This supports additional functionality to inspect evaluation information during bundling. A new repository has various bundlers implemented.

  • nix store ping now reports the version of the remote Nix daemon.

  • nix flake {init,new} now display information about which files have been created.

  • Templates can now define a welcomeText attribute, which is printed out by nix flake {init,new} --template <template>.