Local Binary Cache Store

Store URL format: file://path

This store allows reading and writing a binary cache stored in path in the local filesystem. If path does not exist, it will be created.

For example, the following builds or downloads nixpkgs#hello into the local store and then copies it to the binary cache in /tmp/binary-cache:

# nix copy --to file:///tmp/binary-cache nixpkgs#hello


  • compression

    NAR compression method (xz, bzip2, gzip, zstd, or none).

    Default: xz

  • compression-level

    The preset level to be used when compressing NARs. The meaning and accepted values depend on the compression method selected. -1 specifies that the default compression level should be used.

    Default: -1

  • index-debug-info

    Whether to index DWARF debug info files by build ID. This allows dwarffs to fetch debug info on demand

    Default: false

  • local-nar-cache

    Path to a local cache of NARs fetched from this binary cache, used by commands such as nix store cat.

    Default: empty

  • parallel-compression

    Enable multi-threaded compression of NARs. This is currently only available for xz and zstd.

    Default: false

  • path-info-cache-size

    Size of the in-memory store path metadata cache.

    Default: 65536

  • priority

    Priority of this store when used as a substituter. A lower value means a higher priority.

    Default: 0

  • secret-key

    Path to the secret key used to sign the binary cache.

    Default: empty

  • store

    Logical location of the Nix store, usually /nix/store. Note that you can only copy store paths between stores if they have the same store setting.

    Default: /nix/store

  • system-features

    Optional system features available on the system this store uses to build derivations.

    Example: "kvm"

    Default: machine-specific

  • trusted

    Whether paths from this store can be used as substitutes even if they are not signed by a key listed in the trusted-public-keys setting.

    Default: false

  • want-mass-query

    Whether this store can be queried efficiently for path validity when used as a substituter.

    Default: false

  • write-nar-listing

    Whether to write a JSON file that lists the files in each NAR.

    Default: false