Release 2.22.0 (2024-04-23)

Significant changes

  • Remove experimental repl-flake #10103 #10299

    The repl-flake experimental feature has been removed. The nix repl command now works like the rest of the new CLI in that nix repl {path} now tries to load a flake at {path} (or fails if the flakes experimental feature isn't enabled).

Other changes

  • nix eval prints derivations as .drv paths #10200

    nix eval will now print derivations as their .drv paths, rather than as attribute sets. This makes commands like nix eval nixpkgs#bash terminate instead of infinitely looping into recursive self-referential attributes:

    $ nix eval nixpkgs#bash
    Ā«derivation /nix/store/m32cbgbd598f4w299g0hwyv7gbw6rqcg-bash-5.2p26.drvĀ»