Release 2.10 (2022-07-11)

  • nix repl now takes installables on the command line, unifying the usage with other commands that use --file and --expr. Primary breaking change is for the common usage of nix repl '<nixpkgs>' which can be recovered with nix repl --file '<nixpkgs>' or nix repl --expr 'import <nixpkgs>{}'.

    This is currently guarded by the repl-flake experimental feature.

  • A new function builtins.traceVerbose is available. It is similar to builtins.trace if the trace-verbose setting is set to true, and it is a no-op otherwise.

  • nix search has a new flag --exclude to filter out packages.

  • On Linux, if /nix doesn't exist and cannot be created and you're not running as root, Nix will automatically use ~/.local/share/nix/root as a chroot store. This enables non-root users to download the statically linked Nix binary and have it work out of the box, e.g.

    # ~/nix run nixpkgs#hello
    warning: '/nix' does not exists, so Nix will use '/home/ubuntu/.local/share/nix/root' as a chroot store
    Hello, world!
  • flake-registry.json is now fetched from

  • Nix can now be built with LTO by passing --enable-lto to configure. LTO is currently only supported when building with GCC.