This program is experimental and its interface is subject to change.


nix profile rollback - roll back to the previous version or a specified version of a profile


nix profile rollback [option...]


  • Roll back your default profile to the previous version:

    # nix profile rollback
    switching profile from version 519 to 518
  • Switch your default profile to version 510:

    # nix profile rollback --to 510
    switching profile from version 518 to 510


This command switches a profile to the most recent version older than the currently active version, or if --to N is given, to version N of the profile. To see the available versions of a profile, use nix profile history.


  • --dry-run Show what this command would do without doing it.

  • --profile path The profile to operate on.

  • --to version The profile version to roll back to.

Logging-related options:

  • --debug Set the logging verbosity level to 'debug'.

  • --log-format format Set the format of log output; one of raw, internal-json, bar or bar-with-logs.

  • --print-build-logs / -L Print full build logs on standard error.

  • --quiet Decrease the logging verbosity level.

  • --verbose / -v Increase the logging verbosity level.

Miscellaneous global options:

  • --help Show usage information.

  • --offline Disable substituters and consider all previously downloaded files up-to-date.

  • --option name value Set the Nix configuration setting name to value (overriding nix.conf).

  • --refresh Consider all previously downloaded files out-of-date.

  • --version Show version information.

Options to override configuration settings: