Documentation resources#

This is an overview of documentation resources for Nix, Nixpkgs, and NixOS, with suggestions how you can help to improve them.

Reference manuals#

The reference manuals document interfaces and behavior, show examples, and define component-specific terms.

The respective manual sections are maintained by developers of the code being documented.

How to help:

  • Add links to definitions, commands, options, etc. where only the name is mentioned

  • Ensure consistent use of technical terms

  • Check that examples are self-contained and follow best practices

  • Expand on sections that appear incomplete

NixOS Wiki#

NixOS Wiki is a collection of NixOS user guides, configuration examples, and troubleshooting tips. It is meant to be complementary to the NixOS reference manual.

It is collectively edited by the NixOS user community.

How to help:

  • Improve discoverability by adding categorisation and links to reference documentation

  • Remove redundant or outdated information

  • Add guides and sample configurations for your use cases

The purpose of [] (source) is to orient beginners in the Nix ecosystem.

The documentation team maintains as editors.

How to help:


Nix users exchange information and support each other on these Discourse categories:

How to help:

  • Ask informed questions, show your work

  • Answer other people’s questions

  • Address recurrent questions by updating or adding a NixOS Wiki article, guide or tutorial, or one of the reference manuals.

  • Encourage and help people to incorporate their insights into official documentation

Nix Pills#

Nix Pills is a series of low-level tutorials on building software packages with Nix, showing in detail how Nixpkgs is made from first principles.

The Nix Pills are not actively maintained.