This program is experimental and its interface is subject to change.


nix registry list - list available Nix flakes


nix registry list [option...]


  • Show the contents of all registries:

    # nix registry list
    user   flake:dwarffs github:edolstra/dwarffs/d181d714fd36eb06f4992a1997cd5601e26db8f5
    system flake:nixpkgs path:/nix/store/fxl9mrm5xvzam0lxi9ygdmksskx4qq8s-source?lastModified=1605220118&narHash=sha256-Und10ixH1WuW0XHYMxxuHRohKYb45R%2fT8CwZuLd2D2Q=&rev=3090c65041104931adda7625d37fa874b2b5c124
    global flake:blender-bin github:edolstra/nix-warez?dir=blender
    global flake:dwarffs github:edolstra/dwarffs


This command displays the contents of all registries on standard output. Each line represents one registry entry in the format type from to, where type denotes the registry containing the entry:

  • flags: entries specified on the command line using --override-flake.
  • user: the user registry.
  • system: the system registry.
  • global: the global registry.

See the nix registry manual page for more details.